Copping the Best Sneakers Starter Tips

When you’re a true sneakerhead, there can be a lot of obstacles standing between you and your favorite sneakers. For you to be ahead of the other buyers you need the right tools and to know which ones are the best, so that you can cop all the pairs you want.


Bots are an important key in the sneaker game, selecting items and adding them to cart far faster than any human could by clicking (no matter how many apm you have in StarCraft).different_types_of_web_bots


But not just any bot will do, they have to meet some requirements, such as, compatibility. A bot that only works on only one or two sites is a little limiting (unless you are focused on only one brand). You’ll end up buying more bots and having to switch between them when trying to cop different brands.

Now, there’s another kind of compatibility, the one that has to do with your server. Some bots function only on certain servers. Be very careful when choosing your server although it’s easier to go for servers that are dedicated for sneaker copping.


Regular updates for your bot are important as they ensure that your bot will be able to get past the servers and work properly in spite of the manufacturers’ constant efforts to shut down bots.

So in short, opt for a bot that has a wide range of compatibility with sites and servers, and always be sure that they can be updated otherwise, you’ll end up losing a lot of money.


It’s best to have a server from which you’ll operate your sneaker bots. Servers have faster internet speed and performance than what your computer is using and even a second can make a huge difference in copping kicks.

Dedicated or private?240_f_120955084_vnvhnvdmxbckraschol6hf0tqmythloc

Private servers and proxies are ok, but dedicated servers are best for being used as sneaker servers because you are no longer sharing your RAM,CPU and bandwidth resources with someone else and in consequence your server will move and process things faster.

Dedicated servers are just as their name say it, dedicated to your sole use, so that means you can run whatever you want  on it, in this case bots, and you have free range to configure or modify whatever you desire  so that everything can run as efficiently as possible.


Your server should be online all the time as things can happen, be they small technical issues or a few seconds of downtime. A server is an essential and powerful tool for a sneakerhead, so it is of utmost importance that your server has the best support possible.

There are servers specifically designed for copping sneakers that are close to major sneaker datacentres with less than 1ms ping. You can visit our site’s sneaker bot servers page to check out our offers.


Copping sneakers also requires constant monitoring and fast responses. Using social media applications and softwares will keep you informed on limited releases that may appear on social media networks.

Also make sure to follow the right people and their website for more useful sneaker information. The easiest options would be Twitter and Facebook, but there are also sites and forums that are dedicated to sneakerheads on which you can make accounts.

Being able to check your bots and server anytime and anywhere is a must if you’re serious about copping sneakers, because hot, new releases don’t wait around for you. It’s best you install RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) on your phone, so that you’ll be ready to cop sneakers at any given time.


These tools should be the first items that you check off your sneakerhead list so that you’ll have the edge over your sneakerhead rivals and start copping all the sneakers you want. To get things started right away, check out our sneaker bot server page.

Looking for a fast & reliable sneaker server? Then check out our specialized Sneaker Servers.

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