Dracula Servers FAQs

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Common FAQs


We accept payments via Paypal and Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and many others!

We are reasonable when it comes to refunds. If you don't like our service or if we didn't deliver according to your expectations we will refund within 7 days, as long as no abuse has taken place. Please read our Terms of Service.
You are billed according to your preference. You can choose between Monthly, Quarterly or Annualy for all of our servers
As soon as your payment is successful, we will immediately start setting up your server. Most of our servers will deploy instantly. Our LA Sneaker Servers deploy within 60-90 minutes, and Dedicated Servers usually take from 1h to 24h to deploy.

Yes! Please Contact Us and we'll set things up for you. You will be billed for the difference between the price of your current server plan and the one you are upgrading to. If you are downgrading, then you should have enough free space to ensure that your data remains intact.

We charge a fee of $3 for each additional IPv4 address. Please Contact Us by submitting a ticket for doing so.
Absolutely not. We charge you on a month to month basis and you can cancel your server with us at any time you wish.
Your server will be suspended automatically to avoid any further charging and you can Contact Us and we will charge you an additional fee of $7 per TerraByte. Alternatively, you can wait until your next billing date.


All our VPS Servers and Dedicated Servers have a built-in control panel where our customers can manage the server's power, configure rdns and more. Dedicated Servers also get access to IPMI

You can choose between any of the popular Linux distros: Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora. Or if you prefer Windows, our Dedicated Servers come with all the latest Linux distros or Windows Server. Please, feel free to Contact Us if you need to install any other Linux distribution or if you would like custom solutions.

We use KVM virtualization technology.

Yes we do. You can enable TUN/TAP from your control panel at any time you want without having to contact us.


We are an unmanaged server network. As such, we will promptly respond to any network, hardware or performance issues. The control panel will allow you to do most of the tasks you need without the need to contact support.

We guarantee a 99.99% uptime.

We will do our best to respond to tickets as fast as possible. However, we maintain an average response time of ~15 minutes.


DraculaServers will never go through your data except if it is with your consent in the case that you are experiencing an issue.

Of course. The data belongs to you. If you'd like to migrate your data then you can contact us and we can package it into an industry recognized format.
We do not allow Torrents, TOR, Mining, IRC, Teamspeak, Minecraft, Starbound, Runescape and Chobots. Please check our Acceptable Use Policy for full details.
Doing a charge back or opening a PayPal dispute without contacting us before hand is in breach of our Terms of Service. As such, your VPS will be suspended and you will be reported to FraudRecord.

DraculaServers does not allow automated mass/bulk sending of information using it's services. Using our servers to send SPAM will result in your services being suspended. Upon receiving a complaint, DraculaServers will investigate the issue and depeding on the issue, will suspend or terminate the Subscriber account. DraculaServers reserves the right to prosecute or pursue resultant legal fees.

If you perform DoS attacks, brute force or port scans, then our agreement will be void and your account will be terminated immediately and we will report your contact details to the proper authorities.
On some dedicated servers we offer protection against DDoS attacks. Check our Dedicated Servers page
Upon providing us with all the information required so as to enable us to understand how the abuse happened and how you plan to prevent it in the future, we may unsuspend the account for a fee of $10, that would cover the cost of handling the abuse complaint.