• Çərşənbə axşamı, İyun 14, 2016

We are a leading VPS and Dedicated Server provider. Our cheap Linux VPS machines come with KVM virtualization technology which means that the resources allocated to your machine will not be shared with other machines that are on the same server. Those resources stay 100% allocated to you for the full duration of the VPS' lifecycle. Other providers offer VPS that have shared resources, which means that sometimes you will not be able to access the resources allocated to you because they will be used by someone else. 

Plus, for all of our VPS and Dedicated servers you can request anytime to be upgraded to more RAM, processor power, HDD, etc so that if your website gets a bump in traffic you don't have to migrate to a better server. We can also allocate more IPs to you upon request and upon providing justification.

Our bare metal dedicated servers can be fully configured to fit your needs either directly on the purchase page or by contacting us. We offer our servers at very competitive prices and we guarantee 99% uptime for all of our machines. You can contact us anytime to request more resources, more IPs, etc.

We promise that you will be surprised at the quality of our servers and our support team.